We Chat About Far Cry 5, And It’s Got Us Confused

As the first Far Cry game set in the USA, the upcoming entry in Ubisoft’s open-world shooter series has created some hot debate amongst fans and critics alike. Taking place in the fictional Hope County, nestled within the deep wilderness of Montana, the central character will come into conflict with Eden’s Gate, a powerful and growing cult led by the charismatic Joseph Seed. Tackling some topics and imagery related to religious extremism and the cult of personality, Far Cry 5‘s narrative feels rather timely.

After spending some time playing the game at a Ubisoft press event in Livermore, CA–which included a crossbow range and tons of barbecue–we took some time to discuss what Far Cry 5 is setting out to do. In the above video, Aaron Sampson, Jean-Luc Seipke, Mike Mahardy, and Alessandro Fillari had a chat about how Far Cry 5 handles its topics and the current timing of its release, while also reveling in the sort of open-world hijinks that players would expect from the series. While the setting and politics surrounding the game are receiving much attention, the game is still what many fans of Ubisoft’s open-world shooter can expect.

Along with our talks about the tone and story, Aaron and I shared some stories of a few of the side quests and events that took place during our session–including a few missions that went horribly wrong. We also got to talk about the added scope of the co-op play and just how much you push the game with a friend.

For more info about Far Cry 5, be sure to check out our interview with lead writer Drew Holmes and lead actor Greg Bryk about the making of the game, along with some videos showing off the more ridiculous and over-the-top moments of action.

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Author: Aaron Sampson

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