Neil Gaiman is turning The Sandman into an expanded comics universe

Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series The Sandman set a new high-water mark for the comics industry when it debuted in 1988, and 30 years later the author is expanding that world into its own full-fledged mini-universe. Dubbed The Sandman Universe, the series will be part of DC’s Vertigo imprint, and consist of four new individual comic series, each handled by a different writer, with the entire thing kicking off on August 8th.

“I found Vertigo at a time when I was bored with comics, then I read Sandman and my head exploded,” Vertigo executive editor Mark Doyle said in a press release. “Suddenly I saw all these endless storytelling possibilities. I knew I had to get into comics, and I had to get into Vertigo. To return to the imprint and…

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Author: Bryan Bishop

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