I have something to say about every frame of the new Taylor Swift video

The weird world of Taylor Swift is as fascinating as any science fiction universe. In fact, possessing her level of money and fame and unwillingness to self-edit is not even precisely imaginable to people who are not Taylor Swift, and so her lived reality, for our purposes, might as well be science fiction.

Never has that been more clear than in the Joseph Kahn-directed video for “End Game,” released this week. The fifth single from Reputation, it’s a baffling and addictive song featuring rap verses from Future (a rapper from Atlanta) and Ed Sheeran (a guy). Money really can concoct any situation. In it, Taylor Swift gets utterly trashed on what looks to be a grotesque mix of whiskey, tequila, champagne, and beer, blows bubbles at a…

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Author: Kaitlyn Tiffany

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