Overpowered Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Gun Is Wreaking Havoc In Crucible PvP

Balancing weapons in any shooter is no easy task. Bungie is faced with an even more daunting proposition in attempting to create fun and balanced weapons that are used in Destiny 2‘s PvE and PvP modes. But one of the new additions in Curse of Osiris is proving to be especially problematic due to a bug.

Among the new Exotic weapons in Curse of Osiris is the Prometheus Lens. It’s the second trace rifle to be added to the game following Coldheart, which was available as a pre-order bonus. Aside from generally being a fun gun to use, Prometheus Lens is not especially notable in PvE. However, in Crucible, it’s proven itself to be wildly overpowered, as you can see in the Twitch clip below from streamer iBLINKtv.

As you can see, it absolutely annihilates foes. This isn’t a one-off occurrence; there’s a popular thread on Reddit where players are lamenting the current state of the weapon’s balance (or lack thereof). It’s even sparked speculation that it could result in the cancellation of the upcoming Trials PvP event, similar to what happened with previous map exploit. However, there’s been no word from Bungie as of yet whether such a move is even being considered.

Bungie has acknowledged the issue, explaining that it’s not due to poor balance, but instead a bug. “Prometheus Lens shipped with a bug,” community manager David “DeeJ” Dague said on Twitter. “We’ll address the issue and talk solutions in ‘This Week At Bungie’ on the blog.”

Unfortunately, that blog post doesn’t arrive until Thursday afternoon in the US, which presumably means a fix is not imminent. As such, you may want to avoid Crucible for the time being, unless you don’t mind potentially being incinerated without warning.

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Author: Chris Pereira

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