Elon Musk asks Rolling Stone journalist to help him find love

Rolling Stone published a many-thousand-word profile of Elon Musk this morning, written by journalist, author, and motivational tweeter Neil Strauss, and it is, in a word, incredible.

The profile contains dozens of adverbs and an extensive psychoanalysis of Musk based on his posture, breathing patterns, and a “ring of red” that spontaneously appears around his eyes in the middle of a sentence. It gives Musk a handful of nicknames including “a titan, a visionary, a human-size lever pushing forward massive historical inevitabilities,” and “the kind of person who comes around only a few times in a century.” Most importantly, it dedicates at least 1,000 words to Musk’s romantic life and his recent break-up with actress Amber Heard — a…

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Author: Kaitlyn Tiffany

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