Episode 89: The Roy Way

Donovan discusses the accusations against former Judge Roy Moore, who is running to fill the vacated Senate seat left by Jeff Sessions.  Roy has recently come under fire for supposedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14 year-old girl when he was 32 in 1979.  He denies it…mostly.  Basically, his denial is a bit weak and he has a history of dating women that were much younger than him.

More importantly for Donovan is Roy’s history of defying legal orders when it comes to situations where Roy believes his faith trumps the law, such as the Ten Commandments monument that eventually got him removed from the bench in 2003 and his refusal to accept same-sex marriages as the law of the land, which got him removed from the bench for a 2nd time in 2016.  It’s this mentality that makes Donovan think the accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior are true and his accuser, Leigh Corfman, is the more credible of the two.  Regardless of the outcome, Donovan doesn’t believe that Roy Moore should be elected, though he’s pretty sure that the fine people of Alabama are going to do it anyway.


Wikipedia – Relationship with young girls

Wikipedia – Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court (winning, removal, winning again, removal again)

Radio Interview with Sean Hannity

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