Sequel To Critically Acclaimed Adventure Game To The Moon Delayed

Originally scheduled to release this summer, the follow-up to the 2011 indie adventure game To the Moon has been delayed until the end of 2017.

Developer Freebird Games announced that its development trajectory for the sequel, titled Finding Paradise, has changed. “Due to personal circumstances, its release has been moved to the end of this year to ensure quality,” Freebird said in a statement.

However, Freebird emphasizes that work on the game hasn’t stalled. “Despite such dubious delays, the game has been making good and steady ground,” the statement reads. “A new progressive demo is to be released to internal testers in the coming week that would mark up to the final Act of the game, with the next demo version being the full game.”

In the words of the developer, Finding Paradise and To the Moon “are meant to be two sides of the same coin.” They deal with similar themes and are meant to build upon one another. Freebird also encourages people to play two free mini-episodes before playing Finding Paradise. Those can be found here and here.

In addition to the delay, the developer also announced that an HD remaster of To the Moon is out now on mobile devices. You can pick it up for $5 on iOS here or Android here.

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Author: Alex Newhouse

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