Ouya reportedly cutting off indie studios' funding after Razer acquisition

Yesterday, game hardware company Razer confirmed that it had bought former Kickstarter gaming sensation Ouya. Ouya’s distinctive Android console wasn’t part of the deal, but Razer is getting the rights to Ouya’s software, as well as its technical and developer relations teams. It’s a lifeline for Ouya, which will be spun into a publishing service for Razer’s own Android console. It’s a boon for Razer, which is getting access to 1,500 Android TV games and said publishing platform. But for some developers who bet on the console, it might be a disaster.

Polygon and Motherboard have spoken to multiple developers who qualified for money from the Free the Games Fund, a $1 million initiative that supported Kickstarter-funded Ouya games. The…

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Author: Adi Robertson

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