Moto X Pure Edition camera forecast: mostly sunny with scattered doubts

We’ve said it once and then said it again and won’t stop saying it: the camera matters, especially on Android, where the points of differentiation between flagship phones are becoming increasingly small. The Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, LG G4, and the new Moto X Style (or Moto X Pure Edition, if you live in the US) are all universally fast, well built, and (for the most part) have better-designed software than ever. That leaves the camera as the main sticking point, and luckily we’ve seen great progress from Samsung and LG (HTC: not so much). The last of the big four Android makers to check in is Motorola. And it’s checking in with some very big talk about its camera quality.

At today’s event, Motorola’s head of design, Jim Wicks, laid his…

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Author: Dieter Bohn

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