Why Bugs Bunny is the greatest cartoon character ever

Bugs Bunny, one of the most beloved and enduring characters of the 20th century, turns 75 today. That’s a major milestone for any American pop culture icon, putting him on a plane right beside the likes of Superman in terms of sheer longevity. As a cartoon character, he’s a legend; many of us, along with our parents, grew up with him. He even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But if anyone asked you who the single greatest cartoon character ever created was, you might waffle. It’s really not that hard. Bugs is GOAT.

Let’s start with the cartoons themselves. If you want a semi-formal study on why Bugs and his Looney Tunes brethren are so great, you should probably start with Chuck Jones. Jones was one of the most important…

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Author: Kwame Opam

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