These wireless headphones blend comfort, convenience, and good looks

It’s no secret that I love wireless headphones. They are the type of gadget that can make you feel like you’re living in the very near future, pumping tunes into your ear holes without having to be plugged into anything. There are a ton of wireless headphone options available, ranging from the horrible to the pretty great. This week, Plantronics (you may know them best for the oft-mocked Bluetooth headsets every business bro had jammed in their ear five or ten years ago) released the BackBeat Sense, a riff on the wireless headphone that adds some useful smarts to an attractive and comfortable design.

The $179.99 BackBeat Sense is on the more expensive end of on-ear headphones, but they have some really nice featured such as well-padded…

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Author: Dan Seifert

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