Nintendo TVii Shutting Down

Nintendo TVii for Wii U is shutting down.

Nintendo has announced that, after nearly three years, the video streaming TV service will go offline for good on August 11 at 3 PM PDT.

The Nintendo TVii Miiverse community is also going away.

“We sincerely thank you for all of your engagement within the community and the Nintendo TVii service,” a Nintendo representative said on Miiverse. “We look forward to your contributions within our many other Miiverse communities.”

This announcement comes after Nintendo canceled TVii for Europe before it even launched.

In his year two review of the Wii U, GameSpot’s Rob Crossley wasn’t too impressed with the feature, saying it is “notoriously slow, which outright negates the convenience of turning to it in the first place. Elsewhere, the remote control app, which runs on the GamePad without needing to powering on the console, makes for a nice emergency replacement, but is far too basic to be a true alternative to the TV remote.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch

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