Check Out These New Destiny: The Taken King Guns

Destiny‘s next expansion, The Taken King, is about a month and a half away, and today developer Bungie showed off several of the new guns coming to the game.

In its Weekly Update, the studio revealed three new “product lines” of weapons, each of which has its own base attributes and specializations. These product lines are basically manufacturer brands for the different guns, and Bungie promised that there are more than just these three coming to the game.

The different gun brands are as follows, with the developer’s descriptions quoted:


“Hakke weapons all start with a more tightly focused band of base stats that don’t spike as high or low as other weapon families, granting a solid foundation for growing the weapon. On a Hakke talent grid you’ll see a simplified set of scopes that work best for the weapon, front-loaded perk nodes, with the stat upgrade options occupying the final column. Hakke perk selection is focused on offensive actions and combat tactics. Hakke Pulse Rifles fire a burst of four rounds with damage adjusted to match the DPS of a three round burst, meaning the pulse rounds do less individually but are equal as a group. Fire time between bursts is slightly faster.”


“Pioneers of energy weaponry, Omolon is the first foundry to experiment beyond the world of combustion ballistics. Sporting lighter ergonomic frames, Omolon weapons all start with generous base handling stats to build from. Omolon talent grids focus on behavioral perks over stat customization. Legendary talent grids are the only weapons that offer three perks: one as the first non-scope upgrade and two as a binary choice in the final column. Perk selection favors perks that are energy based and/or go beyond the weapon to interact with the wielder’s abilities or status.”


“Some say the best weapon for a Guardian is the one they can customize to match their intent. Suros believes in options–weapons that can be repurposed for a variety of combat situations. Suros talent grids offer two columns of two stat perks, granting more options for changing weapon stats than any other foundry. The single behavior perk is grounded in the middle of the talent grid as a focus point for the weapon’s core potential. If you want a weapon that can flex from CQ to ranged, quick to powerful, fast handling to hard hitting all with the swap of a few nodes: SUROS.”

In its Weekly Update, Bungie also mentioned that its Year One Art Contest is now open. If you like to make Destiny art, you can enter it for a chance to win a copy of The Taken King: Collector’s Edition or an in-game Blacksmith shader.

Additionally, this weekend’s Trials of Osiris competitive multiplayer event will feature six maps instead of the usual one. The maps are selected randomly from the pool of all six maps that Trials of Osiris has been on since the event began.

Finally, the developer also said that if you have a profile on and enter and confirm your email on your profile, you’ll receive 9 Strange Coins in your email on Friday.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15. Alongside the expansion, Bungie is releasing a substantial update to the game which will feature an overhaul of the quest system as well as a rebalancing of the weapons in the game. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news about Destiny: The Taken King in the coming weeks.

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Author: Alex Newhouse

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