NES Zapper Joined by Another New Splatoon Weapon Tonight

Since its release last week, Nintendo has been slowly adding new content to Splatoon‘s multiplayer mode. Following the best addition of the bunch–an NES Zapper-style weapon–another new weapon will be released later today.

The Inkbrush, as it’s called, is just that: a giant paintbrush that you can run around with it. According to the official Splatoon blog, it plays like the existing (and extremely effective) paint roller weapon, but is somewhat faster.

It’s also described as “not the strongest offensive weapon.” While using it, you’ll have access to the Sprinkler sub-weapon and Airstrike special weapon.

The Inkbrush rolls out for free tonight, June 5, at 7 PM PT. That’s the same time that Nintendo previously released the aforementioned NES Zapper weapon (called the N-Zap ’85), a new map, and the online ranked multiplayer mode.

More updates are on the way for Splatoon, including a major one in August. Little is known about what else Nintendo has in store, save for an online mode called Rainmaker that features a new weapon.

Splatoon, a third-person shooter (sort of) launched exclusively for Wii U on May 28. For more, check out GameSpot’s review.

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Author: Chris Pereira

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