Neon Struct is the stripped-down Deus Ex you didn't know you wanted

If you’re a non-PC gamer who has expressed even vague interest in the medium, you’ve probably had a few dozen people beg you to play Deus Ex, the 2000 cyberpunk game in which all conspiracies are true and all rooms are connected by conveniently man-sized HVAC ducts. Deus Ex somehow managed to feel both perfectly self-contained and open — each level was a living environment and a carefully designed map that could be traversed in any number of (usually stealthy) ways. It’s since seen a sequel and multiple prequels, but the original game owes a lot to its crudeness. The more realistic it got, the more scripted it felt, like some kind of ludic uncanny valley effect.

I mention this because Neon Struct, a paranoia-inducing little stealth…

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Author: Adi Robertson

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