Verge ESP: Talking to Halt and Catch Fire creators Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers

Hello, friends, and welcome to a brand new podcast experience here on the Verge. Every other week Verge science editor Liz Lopatto and I will dig into entertainment, science, and always fascinating intersection between the two. Think of it as a chill, unpredictable, totally unaccredited online Academy of Arts and Sciences (yeah, we tried to call it that, but it didn’t get by legal) — this week we talk about the unhinged beauty of Mad Max: Fury Road; the consequences of our very real, very present day dependence on oil; and drinking beer with brain-controlled prosthetics.

In the coming weeks are also looking forward to bringing a wide variety of guests from various corners of art and science. Our inaugural guests are Christopher Cantwell…

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Author: Emily Yoshida

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