Sure, let's put 'meme' in the dictionary, but call us when they add dank memes

Merriam-Webster has had, in its own words, a bit of a growth spurt, adding a clutch of new words to its unabridged dictionary. These include some genuinely great entries (“colossal squid” is the perfect name for a new cat and/or firstborn) but also a lot of boring-snoring internet words, including WTF, emoji, clickbait, photobomb, and meme. The thing is, I’m not sure if I really care.

savvy marketing from the suits at big Dictionary

I’m not objecting to these additions because they’re not particularly new (the Oxford English Dictionary added LOL and OMG to its hallowed pages back in 2011), or because adding them is just more savvy marketing from the suits at Big Dictionary. It’s just that there’s something about seeing these words…

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Author: James Vincent

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