Jenny Lewis makes a music video about her acting career, including Golden Girls

Jenny Lewis has been arrested — for excessive display of the most glorious pantsuits known to humankind, I assume!

The former front woman of the cult-worshipped indie group Rilo Kiley, and star of this debatably over-acted Corn Pops commercial, has just released the music video for “She’s Not Me,” the second single off last year’s critically acclaimed The Voyager. The video features Lewis and a dream team of buddies — Fred Armisen, Feist, Zosia Mamet, and Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer — spoofing scenes from Lewis’ prolific child acting career, including her guest spot on Golden Girls, the 1989 (trademark Taylor Swift) teen comedy Troop Beverly Hills, and late-’90s anti-old white dude parable Pleasantville.

Lewis, who directed the…

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Author: Kaitlyn Tiffany

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