Super Nintendo World opens on February 4th with AR Mario Kart rollercoaster

Universal Studios Japan has announced an opening date for its long-awaited Nintendo-themed area. The Super Nintendo Land zone will open at the Osaka theme park on February 4th, 2021.

That’s actually a little earlier than expected — last month Nintendo said that the project would open in spring. A themed cafe and merchandise store have already opened in the larger Universal Studios Japan park.

USJ and Nintendo have also provided details on what is sure to be one of the park’s flagship attractions: a Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster. It’s housed inside a reconstructed Bowser’s castle and makes use of AR and projection mapping technology, with riders donning AR headsets shaped like Mario’s cap:

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Author: Sam Byford

Genshin Impact’s Zhongli Is Available As A Playable Character This Week

With the Unreconciled Stars event finished and Tartaglia’s event banner drawing to a close, Genshin Impact is about to drop the remainder of the new content that was patched in with Update 1.1–including a new quest and two new characters. Zhongli, a five-star character who players will know as a big part of the game’s major storyline in Chapter 1, will now get his own featured event banner called “Gentry of Hermitage”.

The new banner features Zhongli as its main 5-star character, meaning players will have an increased chance to add him to their rosters. Unlucky players will have to make at least 180 wishes before they’re guaranteed to pull Zhongli, however. Like other 5-star banners, players could spend hundreds of dollars trying to obtain the character through Genshin Impact’s gacha system.

The banner also adds 4-star Pyro character Xinyan, a Liyue rock star who wields a claymore. As well as the new characters, players will also have an increased chance to pull Razor and Chongyun.

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Author: Hayley Williams

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition Bundle Available Now For Cyber Monday

In October, Nintendo released a special Fortnite-themed Nintendo Switch called the Fortnite Wildcat Bundle, but US fans could only import it from Europe. As a Cyber Monday surprise, Nintendo has brought the cool Fortnite console stateside. It’s available to purchase at select retailers for $299–right now, we’re seeing the Fortnite Switch bundle in stock at Walmart and GameStop. This seems to be a limited-time restock, as Nintendo’s website says “available while supplies last,” and like other Switch bundles, we expect it’ll sell out fairly fast. If you have a Fortnite fan on your holiday shopping list who wants a Nintendo Switch, this might very well be the perfect gift.

In addition to the sweet design, the bundle also comes with Fortnite goodies. You’ll get three outfits and a trio of Back Blings as well as 2,000 V-Bucks to spend in the in-game store. Fortnite is also pre-installed on the console, though it’s free-to-play anyway.

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Author: Steven Petite

Samsung’s Note 20 5G and Z Flip 5G now available in festive red and white colors

The Note 20 5G (left) is getting a new red color, while the Z Flip 5G (right) will be sold in white. | Image: Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 5G and Z Flip 5G are available in a pair of new colors in the US starting today, the company has announced. The Note 20 5G is now available in red, while the Z Flip 5G is available in white. Both colors are being produced in “limited quantities,” Samsung says, and there’s no difference in specs or pricing between these and the original models.

For those keeping track, these are the fourth and third colors for the Note 20 5G and the Z Flip 5G, respectively. The Note 20 5G is currently available in copper, green, and gray, while the Z Flip 5G is available in copper and gray. Although they’re not getting the new colors, the Ultra version of the Note 20 is also available in white and black, while the 4G version of…

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Author: Jon Porter

Demon’s Souls Player Discovers PS5 Trophy Videos Record Mic Audio, Too

Defeating an enemy in a Souls game can be extremely satisfying, and with the Demon’s Souls remake debuting as a PlayStation 5 launch title, many early adopters are discovering the joys of slaying its titular demons. The PS5 records a video when you earn a trophy, and one player made a fun discovery as he defeated the Tower Knight–that video can include your mic audio.

Reddit user helloiamjack posted a video of his successful defeat of the Demon’s Souls boss to the PS5 subreddit, and amusingly, it features some audio of his victory celebration. He’s a “first time” Souls player, and he’s understandably excited about defeating the giant enemy.

You can watch the video below–just make sure you turn your volume up for the best results.

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Author: James O’Connor

Sean Astin On Which Lord Of The Rings Scene Always Makes Him Cry

Goonies and Rudy actor Sean Astin starred in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings series as the ever-faithful and genuine Samwise Gamgee. The character appears in a number of emotional and impactful scenes as he helps Frodo to Mordor to destroy the One Ring, but there is one scene in particular that always makes Astin choke up.

Speaking to CinemeBlend, Astin said he always tears up during the scene in Return of the King when Aragorn expresses his gratitude to Sam and the rest of the Hobbits for their part in destroying the One Ring. It’s an emotional scene on its own, but for Astin in particular, it has a special resonance because it was the final scene he filmed.

“The last [scene] we shot was a scene that always makes me cry in the movie, when Aragorn turns and looks at us and says, ‘Oh, my friends, you bow to no one.’ That was the last shot of the four Hobbits. My last shot,” Astin said.

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Author: Eddie Makuch